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The Last Status
Jan, 2017

Adaptation of The Last Status screenplay into a novella under way.

Nov, 2016

Last Status Ltd seeking investors to raise budget for development and production. SEIS and EIS compliant with HMRC means tax relief on investment of 30% to 50%. See more information on 'Investors' page

Sept, 2015

The Last Status now looks set to become our first production for theatrical release!

Aug, 2015

The first draft of a new tale is now finished - a gritty story set in Northern England. Kev sees a status on social media about a man who has savagely beaten a dog and posts a comment stating what he'd like to do to the man. A terrifying chain of events begins.


Judas - The Relic
Feb, 2017

Book 2 in the Judas Iscariot - Warrior series due for release as a novel, with the screenplay to follow.

March, 2015

Judas is the story of Judas Iscariot, punished for the past 2,000 years for his betrayal, and now given the chance of retribution. If he can keep young Charlotte safe for three days the salvation of earth will commence. Lucifer wants to stop this by sending in his demons to kill her, culminating in the final battle between Lucifer and Judas.


Aug, 2015

The final draft of Toying is now signed off. Another dark tale - this time with more of a psychological aspect. The demon Akoman takes great pleasure in toying with his victims before destroying them. Det Sgt Rosie Hendricks, West Babylon PD, is tasked with his capture, teamed up with Special Agent Scott Denver, and leading to a terrifying climax.