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JUDAS … a screenplay based on Roy Bright’s novel of the same name.

In 21st century New York, Judas, suffering eternal punishment for his betrayal of Jesus, is offered forgiveness if he can protect a young girl from Lucifer's demons. In three days time her enlightenment will begin the salvation of the world.

Michael Garrett Harris & Roy Bright

Special feature … JUDAS Email office for information on licensing songs from  Duncan Faure, Howard Werth, Dave Sharp and Stevie ZeSuicide
Duncan Faure - medley
Howard Werth - medley
Dave Sharp - medley
Stevie ZeSuicide - medley (Sample medley)

Love and Dreamed Wishes; Nightfall, New Today;

Hello Baby; Let it be Right; Feels Like a Day

False Prophets; Hovering; I Had a Dream; I don’t Know What to Say

Kebab & Burger; 4D Man

Drive These Blues Away; New Age Eden; Road to Mexico;

Tender Mercy; Cliffs of Duneen; Twistin’ Wind; Wonderful World

Lady Rocker; Bad Girls; It’s Only Rain; Rodeo Boys



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Do you have a novel, memoirs, poems, w.h.y. you would like to see published - paperback and/or Kindle?

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Dedication or special message:
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Paperback or Kindle

Rock & Roll


Trixie’s Amazing


New on AMAZON…………………………….. Food for thought………………………………….. COMING SOON - Fragile Butterfly - Stevie ZeSuicide Vue X Monroe - London Vampire  To be screened at Monsterama Festival, Atlanta 27th - 29th Sept 2019  www.monsteramacon.com  Many thanks to Pauline Peart