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Deep & Meaningless - Rhymes without Reason

Howard Werth is known mainly for his music as singer/songwriter/guitarist with his band Audience and collaborations with members of The Doors and The Magic Band as well as his graphic design work.

A collection of whimsical scribblings gathered over the years and here presented for your delectation

£3.99 + £1.75 p&p

Howard Werth

The Grapes of Werth

A collection of some of Howard’s favourite tracks recorded over his many years in the business with Audience and solo


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Dancing with Spiders

Stevie worked with legendary bass player Trevor Bolder (David Bowie’s Spiders from Mars, Uriah Heep) on this collection of songs.

£8.99 + £1.50 p&p ……………….Includes 8 page colour booklet


 Full 12 track cd available - PayPal or credit/debit card

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€15 Inc postage to Europe
$20 Inc postage to Rest of World Digital downloads coming soon.

Havin’ it Rock n Roll

Jimmy Pursey with Day 21 in 2009 during a break from Sham 69 in 2009

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